About Us

Local First

Delicious jerky comes from delicious ingredients, and delicious ingredients are fresh and local. We source the best local providers to bring you customized beef jerky snacks that you will both trust and love!

A Tradition of Taste

We founded Bad Anthony's on our love of quality jerky and our passion local business. Using our experience in our local food communities, we curate a seasonal selection as well as customized  for our customers. Trust us to select or take a seat at the drivers wheel and tell us your favorite flavors and we will create just the right mix for you.

Furry Friends Deserve the Best

When you shop with us, you get the options to buy tasty treats with the same quality that your pups will love. Chicken jerky made with all natural pet friendly ingredients. Knowing what is in your pets treats is important and why we know keeping things simple and natural is the key. 


Who is Bad Anthony?

Anthony got his name from his family because anytime you have several people with the same name.. You automatically nickname one of them "Bad", right?
So when jerky became his game, the name followed and seemed to fit perfectly.
Anthony is a small town/mid-west guy that is married to a wonderful woman that pushed him to start selling this great and tasty jerky that he was giving out for free "building his brand" (yes, the wonderful wife wrote this for him). 

He wanted fresh local jerky without all that artificial junk added into it. We also love our pups and wanted something they could enjoy at the same time. As you can imagine, they are the inspiration on our main page and our world is built up to ensure they also have all the best products.